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In case of emergency, valuables and important documents are well protected when stored in a solid and certified safe.  Wertheim safes are subjected to demanding security tests by independent test institutes – VdS (VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH), ECBS (European Certification Body GmbH). They must prove their intrusion resistance against the most modern burglary tools available. When it comes to certification, the test centres differentiate between different security levels and degrees of resistance. For every classification there is a recommended sum insured that consumers can use as a guideline.

Tips from The expert Tips from The expert

When purchasing a safe there are some important criteria that needs to be considered. Here you will find some valuable tips to help you make the right choice. Our team of consultants will be happy to help you choose the right safe for you



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Security classes & insured amounts

Security classes
& insured amounts

Only a certified safe can optimally protect your valuables from burglary and provide you with the opportunity to insure them properly. Rigorous testing methods and precisely defined specifications guarantee the best quality.

The right size

The right

The fundamental question is, what do you want to store in your safe.  Valuables such as cash, jewellery, photos and film equipment, savings accounts, stocks, documents, data, records, etc. are often irreplaceable and should be kept in a tested, certified, and therefore insurable safe for optimum protection. Our extensive range offers the right safe for every need. When making your selection, keep in mind that your space requirements will continue to grow in the future.

Installation location


When deciding on the location for your safe, choose a place that is as unobstructed as possible. Pay attention to the permissible floor loading and, if equipped with an electronic lock, observe the ambient conditions such as temperature and humidity. When installing in furniture, make sure that there is sufficient load bearing and professional anchoring (through the back panel or on the floor) is possible.


In the case of free-standing safes with a low height, it is possible to place the safe on a certified pedestal to ensure user-friendly access.


Wall safes:  areas under stairs often provide sufficient wall thickness for the installation of wall safes. Chimney walls are not suitable for the installation of wall safes. Furthermore, installation height of wall safes should also be selected so that the locking system can be accessed as easily as possible.



When selecting the best possible lock, a basic distinction must be made between the following locking systems:




Wertheim safes are exclusively equipped with certified double-bit locks and are supplied with 2 keys as standard. For safes in grade III-VKB, the double-bit locks are adjustable, which means, in the event of a key loss, the lock can be changed to a new key without having to replace the lock (an old key is required for the change).


Advantages of a double-bit lock

With a double-bit lock, you don’t have to remember a code and the safe can be opened easily and quickly with the key. Furthermore, it is always easy to trace who is/are the owner(s) of the keys to the safe.


Disadvantages of a double-bit lock

Key storage must be well considered. Keeping it on your keychain immediately tells a trained thief’s eye that you have a safe. And in the event of an attempted burglary, the thief will immediately notice that the safe is locked with a key and may look for it. Insurance companies are free of liability if the safe was opened undamaged, i.e. with a key.




Electronic locks, as the latest state of the art technology, offer, in addition to a high security, maximum ease of use by code entry via a keypad. The required batteries are included in the scope of delivery.


Advantages of an electronic lock

Electronic locks are memory based locking systems that eliminates the problem of keeping keys. The code can be changed as often as required via the keypad, after opening with the current code. Replacing the batteries are also easy. The lock display indicates with a signal that the batteries are low. Even if the batteries are empty, the code is not lost and the safe can be opened as usual after replacing the batteries.




Mechanical combination locks are operated manually, by turning a number dial in a predetermined sequence.


Advantages of a mechanical combination lock

Mechanical combination locks are memory based locking systems and remove the problem of key storage. The code entry is not visible. The code can be changed with a changeover key as often as required after opening with the current code.


Disadvantages of a mechanical combination lock

Opening a mechanical combination lock requires some accuracy. If you make a mistake during any of your combinations, this error cannot be corrected by turning it back.  The whole turning process must start from the beginning.



When selecting the code, do not enter any personal data, such as date of birth. For safety reasons, change the factory code immediately upon start up. It is also recommended to change the code at regular intervals.

Delivery & transportation

Delivery &

Even before purchasing your safe, it is important to clarify the transport route and the situation in which it will be brought in.


Transport route outside the building

Parking possibility available?

Flat ground or oversteps?


Transport route within the building

Installation on the ground floor, basement, or floor?

Lift with sufficient carrying capacity available?

Transport via stairs?

Doorway width and height sufficient?


Location of Installation

Is the load capacity of the transport route / installation site sufficient for the weight of the safe?

Is there reinforced concrete floor/wall available for proper anchoring of safes weighing less than 1,000 kg?

Is the floor in the anchorage area free of cables or underfloor heating?




CIP sidewalk – delivery to sidewalk edge

The goods will be delivered to the specified delivery address by Wertheim or a forwarding agent commissioned by Wertheim.

The goods are insured freight prepaid and will be delivered as follows:

Sidewalk edge of destination, goods unloaded, not shunted (at ground level, without steps).


CIP installation – delivery and installation

The goods shall be delivered by Wertheim or a forwarding agent commissioned by Wertheim to the specified delivery address in accordance with proper shipping.

The goods are insured freight prepaid and will be delivered as follows:

Installation place of destination, incl. set-up (2-man assembly crew) – set-up location easily accessible, incl. 1 hour of working time. Additional working time or storage costs incurred will be charged according to actual additional expenditure.

(As per EN1143-1, for safes under 1,000 kg incl. anchoring according to regulations. For proper anchorage, anchoring area must be free of cables. The client is responsible for this).

A completed transport questionnaire must be enclosed with the order. Our installation team or our forwarding partners will also be happy to assist you with special installation or transport.




Safes weighing less than 1.000 kg must be anchored to a solid part of the building in accordance with EN 1143-1.

All Wertheim certified safes are prepared with floor anchoring, and safes from resistance grade I to III (except for CWS, CWP) are also prepared with rear wall anchoring. Additional anchoring holes from the standard floor/rear wall can also be produced upon request at the time of ordering (e.g., in the side wall, ceiling, back wall, floor).

Safes weighing less than 1.000 kg are delivered with 1 piece of anchoring material. Additional anchoring material are also available upon request, when requested at the time of ordering.

For proper anchoring, no pipes or wires should be present in the anchorage area. In the case of floor installations, anchoring on load-bearing concrete is recommended. Anchoring in screed alone is not sufficient. When anchoring in the wall, the safe must be flushed with the wall. In the area where the safe is to be mounted, base boards, cupboards/cabinet walls (when installed in furniture), etc. must be removed by the customer in advance before the installation service takes place. The customer assumes responsibility for this and a disclaimer must be signed.

A declaration of conformity for proper anchoring (enclosed with the delivery documents) completed by the installation/delivery team is handed over or sent with the invoice. These documents must be submitted to the insurer to receive full coverage.

It should be noted that wall mounting (in suspension) is not provided as standard.

If Manufacturer-compliant anchoring cannot be carried out due to structural conditions, the insurer can reduce the classification of the security class. We recommend that this be clarified in advance with your insurance company.

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Individual Solutions

In addition to a large variety of models, you also have the option of designing each safe according to your individual needs and preferences. Regardless of whether it’s fancy paintwork, special dimensions, or an extravagant wooden interior made by our in-house master carpenters, we can customize your safe. For a non-binding consultation, we are gladly at your disposal.

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A hard test comparison shows the differences and what constitutes quality.

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Trade partners

When it comes to deciding on your safe, we want to ensure that you receive the best advice and consultation possible. Therefore, excellent service and consulting competence are paramount when it comes to selecting our trade partners. The Wertheim team will be happy to advise and help you select the sales partner closest to you at home and abroad. A list of Austrian dealers can be found here: