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Vault rooms & Bank products Deposit valuables safely Vault rooms &
Bank products
Deposit valuables safely

As an international manufacturer of certified security products, Wertheim offers prefabricated vault rooms and doors in different security classes. The actuarial approvals for the different grades are based on country specific certifications.

Prefabricated vaults In modular construction Prefabricated vaults In modular

Vault rooms are among the most secured structures. The production of a vault room is individually manufactured based on customer site-specific requirements. Financial institutions require vault rooms to house customer safe deposit boxes as well as precious metal and cash holdings. However, they are also used for the safekeeping of, e.g. valuables in private homes or pharmaceuticals in the pharmaceutical industry. The enclosure of the room is achieved by means of the certified vault room door.


Vault doors

Vault doors are solid, armoured doors that block or enable access to the vault room. According to the security level of the of the vault, the vault door is also certified in various degrees of resistance. It should be noted that the vault room and the door are selected in the same resistance grade.


Safe deposit boxes

Customers can safely store important documents, jewellery, heirlooms, and other valuables in a locker. With their high-quality workmanship and attractive design, Wertheim safe deposit boxes are specially made to meet customer requirements. The software solution developed by Wertheim, “Safe-Service”, offers convenient handling of all processes related to the rental locker management.

Vault rooms Professionally errected Vault rooms Professionally

Vault Rooms are highly complex constructions that must meet a wide range of requirements. Therefore, it is necessary that experienced, reputable specialists are involved early on at the beginning in the planning phase. Strongroom walls in modular construction consist entirely of prefabricated elements which are assembled on site to form an independent structure (room-in-room system). The closure of the vault room is completed by the vault door including a prefabricated frame. For every vault room there is a suitable door. It should be noted that the vault room and the door are selected in the same resistance grade.

The assembly is carried out in “dry construction” and therefore enabling very short assembly times (approx. 1 to 2 weeks). It is carried out either in connection with a building structure or free-standing as a room-in-room system. Upon request, visible interior and exterior surfaces are covered with plasterboard and provisions are made for electrical and alarm system installations.

Bank specific Products Bank specific Products

Wertheim customer service equipment (deposit safes, empty cassette machines, cabinets, mail locker cabinets, …) meet a wide range of requirements thanks to their modular design. The required application, depending on the structural situation and the specifications from financial institutions, are solved on an order-specific basis.


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